About Starway


Starway is the leading amusement service supplier and custom designed manufacturer in Kurdistan region and Iraq, with a wide range of completed projects and entertainment centers across the country. Over the course of our 8+ years history in the industry we have been working on spreading happiness throughout the country by presenting high quality products and structures which are built to meet international standards in design, structural integrity, product safety, and installation requirements.

We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, all that we do is intended to enable our valued clients start and develop a profitable business. The company also is an importer and distributer of amusement games of all types; we fight with time and quality to deliver best leisure services and games from international manufacturers in Germany, Spain, Turkey, and China.

At StarWay we are committed to excellence, and an emphasis on respect and responsibility, and establishing long-term relationships rather than just closing deals is how we are recognized by our clients and partners.