boing 747 – 6 axes

boing 747 – 6 axes



Technical details
Electrical requirements:
Standard: 400 vac, 3-phase + neutral,
50 HZ, 32 AMPS
Other type of service can be accomodated
on special order

Overall Dimensions
Width : mm. 2.000
Lenght : mm. 4.100
Height : mm. 3.000
excluding ramps/steps

Simulator Operating Envelope
Maximum Width : mm. 5.000 including
entrance and exit stairs.
Maximum Lenght : mm. 4.100
Maximum Height : mm. 3.800

Approximately Kg. 2.200, excluding

Motion Dynamics
3 and 6 dof hydraulich giving:
Roll: +/- 22,5 Degrees.
Pitch : +/- 22,5 Degrees.
Heave: 600 mm.

Standard Visual
High resolution LCD projector utilising MPEGII
digital source imagery.

30 watt 2-channel stereo amplifier
two full-full range speakers

From 2,5 to 5 minutes

Capsule details
MATERIALl: High quality fire retardant fiberglass.
SEATING : two bench seats with hand-rails, maximum
capacity eight.
DOORS: pneumatic doors wich opens automatically
when the simulator reachs the rest position.
DESIGN: wide range of colors and finishes.
LIGHTING: automatic internal light.

Integrated safety system
Emergency stop button located on the console
and on-board, when activated, all power is shut
off, the simularor go immediately to rest position
and the doors open automatically, ups assisted.
Itegrated emergency lighting and fire detection
Door warning closing system.

CE Certification
CE certified system are avaliable
ISO9002 certificate on electrical.

Operator’s kiosk.
Ride programming.
Intercom from communications with passengers
via speakers/microphones.
Entrance and exit stairs with gate.
Trailer for transport.
Internal video camera.

Simulator at 8 places also available mounted over a trailer

Simulation System:
3 dof and 6 dof

Video System:
MLaser Video System

Sound System:
Digital Dolby Surround

Safety System:
TUV Essen approved