SmileLand is a series of indoor amusement and sport centers located in Erbil and established since 2011. The center is the most recognized and trusted in the area.

– SMILELAND – TABLO MALL: is one of the main branches of SmileLand opened since 2011, and it’s still growing both in terms of gaming and the number of visitors. The center is among the largest entertaining indoor centers with an area of 3300sqm, offering various kiddie and sport games including: bowling, board games, cinema, ice skating…etc.

– SmileLand – Mega Mall: Opened in late 2018, it’s the latest opened branch of SmileLand in Erbil, with an area of 1950sqm. Offering quite new games with special VR machines giving our visitors the mesmerizing experience of the new era of amusement games.